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Digitally Transforming Your Intranet

June 29, 2017

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Digitally Transforming Your Intranet

June 29, 2017


Digital transformation is needed by companies of all sizes and in every industry.  Working the same way you have in the past will not give you the competitive advantage to succeed in the future. 


To complete a digital transformation you will need your employees to work smarter and think differently.  Using newer technologies at the core of your organization is the key.


Impact More People with your Message

The multi-generational diversity of the workplace creates new challenges for communicating and connecting with everyone since what works for one group may not work for another.  Using automation to deliver a single, consistent message in multiple channels can yield powerful results.  Internal news and posts should go to email, intranets, social networks and other business systems concurrently to maximize the reach of the message.  Adding ways to allow employees to respond with likes and comments will increase engagement.  Adding videos and broadcasting town hall meetings will also increase the connection people feel with leaders in the organization.


Ditch the Intranet and Build Apps

You will still benefit from a typical intranet to distribute key information but people work differently than just a few years ago so rethinking information distribution is important.


  • Automate processes and let people get work done from anywhere.  If you need managers to approve time off, let them approve it directly in their email and then update the necessary systems for them.  Don't make people complete extra steps or go to multiple places to complete a simple task.

  • Make your onboarding process fluid, connecting multiple departments to make the initial and ongoing employee experience great.  Quickly give new hires the tools they need to help them succeed faster and more consistently.

  • Turn processes into mobile apps to reach people on their everyday devices.   Get information to them where they expect it.


Work Smarter

Do more than just post information and expect people to find it.  Create intelligent systems that both distribute information but also become smarter as they are used for future innovation and assistance.


  • Interactive bots let people converse with information and give people the answers they need.  Take your static FAQs and allow your people to quickly turn that information into knowledge. 

  • Add Cognitive services to your feedback channels to determine the general sentiment of the information and adjust to both the good and the bad.


People Transform Organizations and Industries

All the technology in the world is useless if you can't get your people to use it.  Spend time with people (especially leaders) to coach them on new ways of thinking and using the technology available.  Listen to their concerns and ideas to make it even better so they become leaders of the transformation as well.


Need help getting started?  Contact BadgerPoint Solutions at to start a discussion on what is possible.

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